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Alexander Miller's "Russell, Multiple Relations and The Correspondence Theory of Truth"
Bernard Williams's "Knowledge, Science, Convergence"
Bernard Williams's "Truth and Truthfulness"
Bruce Russell's "A Priori Justification and Knowledge"
D. W. Hamlyn's "The Correspondence Theory of Truth"
Huemer* Ch. 4-2
Huemer* Ch. 4-4
Huemer* Ch. 5-1
Huemer* Ch. 6-1
Huemer* Ch. 7-1
Igor Douven's "Abduction"
Jonathan Adler's "The Epistemological Problems of Testimony"
Marian David's "The Correspondence Theory of Truth"
William James's "The Will To Believe"

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If Harris is taller than Rosenberg, and Rosenberg is taller than Summers, then Harris is taller than Summers. 12
Scientific/technological achievement is progress. 13

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Thierry Henry responds to `My name is Liam Brady` (No. 2) 14
Thierry Henry responds to `My name is Liam Brady` 11.6
Thierry Henry responds to `Faith is subjective and offers no evidence for the existence of God.` 14
Thierry Henry responds to `Every person will die.` 14

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