The 2 Research Projects

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I'm experimenting with y'all... ;-)

Note for demo visitors: All the student profiles you see on the demo site are pseudonymized from actual students who gave consent. Some missing links are the result of students who declined to participate. 2 students wanted their real names used... I'll let you try to figure out who they are. (It'll be hard unless you're a fan of a certain North London football club...)

The 2 projects

I would like to use the coursework from this course in my research: the wiki, and (as a subset of that) the plagiarism papers. (For more info on what, exactly is being shared, check the documents below and this page.

I'm not allowed to recruit you, because that's a conflict of interest and abuse of power - that's why Ms. Dalley came to class on the 11th. If you weren't there, ask a classmate, or email Ms. Dalley

The 'recruitment scripts' and other info on the research

Here are links to documents that describe the research, and let you know your rights. You aren't a part of the research unless you want to be!

For the wiki research:

For the plagiarism research: