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There is no need to worry about your name being associated with this plagiarism assignment - I will 'scrub' identities at the end of the course.

Here is where you define your team. It's OK that I know who you are; the crucial thing is to hide your team's "role" from everyone until after we've voted on your paper and discussed it in class.

Your group's Pseudonym:

Team members:

Instructions: Upload two versions of your Truth paper. The deceptive version is the version that is 'plagiarised' (if you have a non-honest role.) The honest version is the version that has everything correctly cited, and reveals your team's specific plagiary-role. (Refer to the assignment page, or email Kirk, if you're confused!)

Remember that this assignment does not have the usual Do-Over policy... once you submit, I will grade this, and won't allow (or look at) any further revisions. (I.e., you're stuck with the grade I give it the first time around, like traditional papers in traditional courses.)

Upload your 'deceptive' truth paper, using the "Upload File" link: Upload file

  • The wiki cannot accept DOCX files, so make sure it's another format. Try this screencast to see how to save a 'good' Word file.
  • NOTE: it appears that unpassworded .DOCs don't work, but passworded ones do... so if you need to make this deceptive version password-protected too, please do & upload it. Enter the password (different from your honest version's one!) here:

Upload your PASSWORD PROTECTED honest version of the truth paper using the "Upload File" link: Upload file

  • Password protection in MS Word 2012 is found under the 'File' tab >> "Permissions" button.
  • This screencast might help.
  • Seriously, please ensure it's protected before uploading!! Email me for help if needed!

Key terms or concepts involved in this paper: (you get a point in the rubric for this...)

Now, check the sources you cited in your Deceptive version. (This is just to help 'knit' this into the wiki; you also get a point in the rubric for this.) Note that you can't do this unless you've already entered those resources into the wiki using the New Course Text or New non-Course Text forms...

Instructions: Only complete this part of the form after class discussion of your paper, and we're ready for "the reveal"...! To be clear: only input your password when I tell you to, not before.

The password to your honest version:

We wrote this paper in the role of:

These people guessed its honesty (or lack of it!) correctly:

These people guessed the exact role correctly: