Pojman CCR, 3rd Ed.* Ch. 6-8

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Also known as... "Virtues in Epistomology"

Chapter/Section of: Pojman CCR, 3rd Ed.*

Chapter/Section: 6-8

Where to find it: Jack Wilshere (011), Michael Thomas (012) owns this Course Text

Author(s): John Greco

Type of reading: Course Text

Who's read this? David O'Leary

Short Summary

In this chapter Greco seeks to demonstrate the best way define and interpret intellectual virtue. He analyzes some recent attempts in philosophy to do so and decides the use of Reliablism is the best method. Having done that he analyzes two important areas in epistemology, Gettier Problem and Skepticism, while demonstrating why the very definition of intellectual knowledge implies that knowledge is more important than true belief.

Key terms & concepts

Virtue Epistemology, Aristotle, true belief, Reliabilism, Local Skepticism, Gettier-type counterexamples

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