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Feedback for "Herbert Chapman responds to `Gravity Exists`"

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You are FIRST!!1! to this post.

Degree of Difficulty Multiplier: .8 Depending on how tricky I think your topic or issue is, you'll get more (or less...) credit for your post. Check out this page for more explanation.

How well has the post’s project & goal been presented?

  • The post’s goal is clearly stated, with some awareness of context or related issues. [Good; 2]

How relevant is your post to the target?

  • Explicitly addresses a specific key assumption or claim in the target post as the central issue. [Excellent; 3]

How well did you show & share your understanding of the concept?

  • Uses the issue to display the key aspects of the concept clearly and accurately. [Excellent; 3]

How well did you explore intuitions about knowledge?

  • Clearly reflected on and evaluated the concept’s impact on your intuitions about knowledge [Excellent; 3]

Was the post effectively woven into the wiki with sufficient key concepts?

  • Yes [1]

Was the reference source for this post correctly linked-to?

  • Yes [1]

Key areas to improve, if you want to revise this:

Solid. You don't need to pretend to like Descartes, if you end up at the end siding with your classmate and that this should count as real knowledge.

Total points earned (to date!): 11.8 This is auto-calculated... but email me if it's wrong!

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