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The real home page of the wiki can be found here

I've set up this publicly accessible site as a demo of the fully-functional site I used in fall 2012 for my "Knowledge, Belief & Truth" (Epistemology) course at Montclair State University. Student content has been pseudonymized according to responsible research ethics (as overseen by the MSU Institutional Research Board.) Find out more about that here.

To log in as a student, pick one of the names below as your identity to log in, using the password "demo".

Full class list (links to student profile pages): Alan Smith, Anthony Celi, Arsene Wenger, Bertie Mee, Bob Wilson, Charlie George, Cliff Bastin, David O'Leary, David Rocastle, David Seaman, Dennis Bergkamp, Francesc Fabregas, George Graham, Herbert Chapman, Ian Wright, Jack Wilshere, Jens Lehman, John Radford, Kenny Sansom, Liam Brady, Michael Thomas, Nicholas Lukowiak, Pat Rice, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, Steve Bould, Thierry Henry, Tony Adams

Use the home page, and the links in the sidebar on the left, to navigate, browse and add your own pages to the wiki.

Feel free to muck about. Just don't do too much mucking about! (If you mess something up, let me know and I can fix it.)

SMWCon NYC 2013

Here are my slides from the presentation... sorry I couldn't post them as PPT. @(*$@$% MediaWiki can't recognize them as good PPTs because they're zip-encoded in Office 2010.

MSU RAUL Teaching Showcase 2013

Slides to come...