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This is a "wiki on data steroids" - it's a wiki, with some (hopefully neat & useful) extra capabilities to connect data for you, to make learning and collaborating easier. (Check out the Help page for more technical details...)

Different Parts of the Wiki

There are several 'sections' of the wiki that will help you with managing your learning. (Again, I hope...)

Your "Home Page" and K-Claims Pages

First, there's your (and your classmates') "home pages". (If you're correctly logged in, you can reach yours by clicking the "My page" link on the sidebar to the left.)

These pages are intended to show you information about your current status in the course.

It's designed (hopefully!!) to be very easily maintained - you don't need to know any wiki-coding or be a geek at all. Everything you need to do to keep things updated is fill in simple forms or click buttons.


Then, there are readings pages. As you know by now, one of the weird things about this course is that practically everyone's got a different text. Lots of them are similar (in that they are all covering the same sorts of topics that an introductory epistemology text should), but every one's different. I tried to explain in class why I'm trying this (ask me again if you forgot) but one of the problems is (of course!!) that you literally can't be "on the same page" as anyone else, and sometimes 'your' text won't have something someone else's has.

The "Resources" pages are supposed to help organize and systematize all this material, and help everyone find what they need to keep progressing on their own projects. Because of the 'semantic' extras in this wiki, all these readings will (hopefully) start getting connected with one another, and with key terms, questions, answers and projects. Because it's all easily browsable, you should be able to just sit back and click around to find useful things for you to read, do or ask about to help you with your projects!

Concept Pages

These are short pages that aggregate all the instances a particular philosophical term appears in the wiki. Concepts are going to be what helps 'knit' readings, projects, questions and answers together, because all those things have pages with links to concepts that they use, and the wiki can gather them all up to show you things that are related by the concepts they use.

There are also links to search engines that can give you more useful information on the concept - just click to search for articles on that concept in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Youtube videos and (of course) Wikipedia.

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Early on, there won't be much to see or do; we need to start adding material to the wiki as we go, and it should get better & more useful to you as a result.